Iā€™m Dan Altuz, a video editor, animator, and sound designer working with independent film, music, television, and corporate clientele. Here are a few key points about myself and how I can help you:


I work with clients ranging from corporations, ad agencies, record labels, and independent film directors.  My combined experience has allowed me to adapt quickly to different systems and cultures, and integrate seamlessly as a member of the team, rather than a third party extension.



With the changing industry, the rise of vendor utilization and constant software upgrades have a large impact on media management.  I can deliver your final file, and upon request provide an efficiently media managed turn-key solution for your collected project.



My combined experience of music production, sound design, and audio engineering enables me to provide you with a proper sound mix for your project, and ensure a consistent user experience whether it's being viewed in a theater or on a smartphone.

Please feel free to have a look at my work, and reach out with any questions!